Crying about Jack's death

Rose is filmed laying on a floating board in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. She is singing one of the most popular songs of the time, ¨Come Josephine In My Flying Machine". It was the song that Jack sang to her when they were pretending to be flying at the bow of the RMS Titanic. Now, the ship has sunk and there is just silence. People who were screaming for help have died from hypothermia or drowning. Rose looks at the stars while singing with a weak voice.

Suddenly, she notices a light. She turns her head with difficlty and hears someone. She can hardly understand what they are saying but she realizes it is a boat that came to help. She turns to Jack, "Jack, there's a boat!". She smiles. She is happy because they came to help. She is happy because she thinks they came on time to save both of them. She keeps insisting. She thinks that Jack is asleep and is having a hard time waking up. After a while, it finally hits her. Jack is truly gone.

At the moment of Rose's realization that Jack has died, Sissel's voice starts playing, later with the flute alone. Rose is crying while laying her head on the board while the crew keeps trying to find people alive. When she realizes that they are about to go, she tries to call them. However, her voice is very weak and cannot raise it anymore. She tells Jack, "I'll never let go, I promise". She then kisses his hand and lets him go. 
Jack is filmed sinking in the ocean. Rose tries to swim to get the whistle that a person close to them was using before. 

Many claim they always cry when they watch this scene. Others try to hide it. Others claim they are strong by claiming they have never shed a tear but in reality have been touched at least a little by this emotional and incredibly sad scene.

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