Soundtrack that mesmerizes

The Titanic soundtrack is a classic that was composed and conducted by James Horner. It became the best-selling album of 1998, and the fastest-certified soundtrack album ever. It remained on the number one spot of the Billboard 200 for 16 consecutive weeks. No album has since then remained more than 10 weeks straight on that spot, giving the Titanic soundtrack a record that no one has surpassed. Moreover, over 30 millions copies of the album were sold worldwide making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. The soundtrack also won two Academy Awards: Best Original Score and Best Original Song for "My Heart Will Go On", which is the official theme song of the movie that reached the top of the Billboard 100. It has become Céline Dion's signature song and people at her concerts get excited and sing along wherever she sings it and millions around the world sing the karaoke versions frequently.

The music that James Horner composed for Titanic has touched millions around the world.
Most agree that this is one of the most amazing soundtracks ever composed. It intensifies emotions felt when watching emotional scenes and people get mesmerized when listening to it. During the I´m Flying Scene, the track "Rose" intensifies the love between the characters as well as the freedom that Rose finally experiences while pretending to fly with Jack.Similarly,  the track "Unable to Stay,Unwilling to Leave¨ adds an immense flood of emotions when Rose is on the boat leaving the ship and then jumps back to it and when two girls are shown waving at their dad crying while a crew member gives the order of lowering the boat.
An edited version of the ¨A promise Kept¨ plays during Jack´s death. This is a very sad and emotional scene which has made too many people cry. Many people who normally would not cry while watching movies claim that they are often caught off guard during this scene when the music starts playing once Rose realizes that Jack is dead. Another emotional scene is the edited version of  "Rose", which plays again during the ending scene. Several young Rose's photographs show all the things Jack and her talked about doing in America, such as riding horses on the beach on the Santa Monica Pier.People usually get emotional, cry, and try to hide their tears when watching these scenes.

The mix of flutes, bagpipes, and Sissel's mesmerizing voice are the key components of the soundtrack.
During certain parts, these instruments play along with her voice, thus creating a perfect combination and sending chills down anyone's spine.

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